Engraving - Set of Two

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Customer Reviews

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Tariq Qazi (Kuwait City, KW)
Great product but pricey

I ordered the set of 2 (cabin + luggage) from Mokobara, and am impressed with the quality. Love the idea of being able to add a name tag as well, and the color options are unique. The only upsetting part for me was that I had to check-in my carry on due to a packed flight, and when I received it, it had a very noticeable scratch (due to the abusive handling at the airports by the careless staff).

The only couple of things I feel would add much more value would be;
- Price : it is on the higher end in terms of price, and maybe it could be lowered a bit.
- the set of 2: this was the option I bought, however, I would have preferred combining the carry on with the larger luggage. The one provided with the carry on is the smaller option for the check-in bag. Would have just preferred to choose the check-in luggage size, instead of being limited to the smaller one.

Overall, I would definitely recommend if you are willing to pay a bit more than the average in market.

Deepika Panicker (Nirmal, IN)

Engraving - Set of Two

Avinash Biju (Delhi, IN)
Beautiful Engraving

Very classy touch of personalisation.

Ankit Ladia (Mumbai, IN)

Engraving - Set of Two

Manu Yadav (Hyderabad, IN)
Amazing bag for travel

Great for fitting all my needs as a travel bag

Sudeshna Deshmukh (Pune, IN)

Engraving - Set of Two

Anuruddh Singh (Lucknow, IN)
Superb quality

Superb quality and looks for this items

Charita Mulpuri (Hyderabad, IN)
Liked the engraving

Would like to engrave all the other mokobaro products also.

Sweetha V (Madurai, IN)

Good idea of personalization

Chinmay Joshi (Bengaluru, IN)
Great so far

I would have loved to write a review but 14 days is a small period of time to really test this product.

There have been no issues with the bags except one flaw with the telescopic handle of my cabin bag. The locking mechanism isn't working well for level 1, the lock doesn't engage so the handle doesn't really work at level 1. I have to pull it up to level 2/3 to get the lock to engage and then it locks in place and won't slide down.

This issue surfaced after 2-3 days of using the bag. The bag overall is great and this might be just one faulty piece so I don't mind. But if there is a way to get it fixed i'd be more than happy to get it done.


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