Product Care

Like the rest of us, your Mokobara looks forward to a spa day after a long trip too! So, here’s the A - Z on how you can show it some love. Before we begin, we thought we’d state a few general Moko health tips.
  • Each Mokobara is designed thoughtfully to organize, secure and carry your to the best of its capacity. Overpacking your Mokobara causes quicker wear and tear, and damages it in the long run. 
  • Airport mishandeling hurts both our feelings and your luggage. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Strap on The Luggage Cover before checking-in your Mokobara to reduce scratch marks. 
  • Heartbreak sounds a lot like the sound of your Mokobara running through the washer/dryer. It’s extremely damaging and we recommend avoiding it. 
  • While using laundry soap on your Mokobara, try testing it on a spot that isn’t easily noticeable and wait for a few minutes. If there’s no discoloration, proceed.

Material Care

Poly-carbonate Shell

Vegan Leather

Genuine Leather

Nylon Fabric

Reverse Coated Water Resistant Polyester Fabric

While scuff marks and scratches tell the tales of your adventures, they don’t necessarily have to stay on! All our Mokobara luggage is made with a resilient and flexible poly-carbonate material. Clean your Mokobara’s exterior shell and interior polyester lining using a soft, damp cloth with warm water and mild soap. Watch as it scrubs right up. 

You can also wipe off scuff marks with the Magic Eraser that comes with your Mokobara.

All your bags, backpacks and totes are crafted with premium vegan leather. Vegan leather requires special care. Spot-cleaning is the easiest way to wipe stains away. All you gotta do is wet a microfiber cloth with cool or warm water. For stubborn stains, try adding a small amount of stain remover/mild detergent to damp the cloth before scrubbing lightly.  

Remember, hot water is your Mokobara’s kryptonite. It melts the vegan leather.

All our wallets are crafted with genuine leather. To clean the leather, gently  wipe your Mokobara with a soft, clean, light coloured dry cloth. Brush away dust and dirt with a clean, dry soft cloth. 

Your Mokobara isn’t a fan of the rain. Or water in general. Always pat your Mokobara dry with a light coloured absorbent cloth ASAP. Do not run a hairdryer over your Mokobara. We repeat, do not run a hairdryer over your Mokobara. Store it the next day.

All your bags, backpacks and totes have nylon fabric. We’ve got good news :) General maintenance for your Mokobara with nylon fabric is as simple as wiping it regularly with a cloth dipped in warm water.

We’ve got one word for you: low-maintenance. Okay, maybe two. We didn’t want anything to get in the way of your travel ventures. So, we decided to use a reverse coated water resistant polyester fabric on The Transit Backpack that cleans up easy. 

Wipe your bag with a soft, clean and light-coloured dry cloth. You can also spot-clean it with warm water, gentle laundry soap and a washcloth. While using laundry soap, try testing it on a spot that isn’t easily noticeable, and wait for a few minutes. If there’s no discoloration, proceed.